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Looking for a Hispanic Speaker? Coro’s keynotes are dynamic, thought-provoking, motivational and filled with practical information that your conference or meeting attendees will find useful in their daily lives. Coro uses a combination of interesting case studies, captivating imagery, and vivid examples that audiences remember long after his presentation. Coro successfully blends the coolest technologies with down-to-earth examples of innovation and ingenuity that combined with humor, dynamic delivery, and powerful storytelling, resonate with all types of audiences.

Coro’s Keynote Speeches and workshops lift the audience’s spirits and give them that needed jolt of energy your event will benefit from.

If you want to see your audience sit on the edge of their seats and put their smartphones down voluntarily, hire Coro for your next event.
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Pioneer, Innovator, Change Instigator

Coro rocks the house as a Hispanic Speaker. He’s been a featured public speaker at conferences across the U.S. and overseas. His Keynotes and Workshops are dynamic and full of practical takeaways. Coro’s speeches feature unique storytelling and are full of insights that the audience finds fascinating.
Coro is the first Tech Expert to have a national platform on National Spanish Speaking Television. He is a frequent guest on national TV and radio shows commenting on everyhing related to technology, innovation and consumer protection.
Coro is the author of the book “El Salto” (The Leap) published by Random House. In it, Coro motivates his Spanish-speaking audience to achieve more by leveraging technology.
His extraordinary life experience and his story of escaping communist Cuba are fascinating. He came into the U.S. at 18 years old with very limited English but that didn’t stop him. His strong work ethic and relentless studying helped him conquer the language. He also utilized his technology and innovation background. All those years of tinkering with old radios and home-brew computers paid off. Just a few years after arriving, he worked for organizations such as Cisco Systems in a senior engineering role. Now, a successful business owner for over 10 years, Coro shares his unique perspective with audiences worldwide.
Coro’s life story is a motivational example of perseverance and grit. His speeches have a unique perspective that audiences uniquely connect with.
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High-Impact Keynotes and Workshops

Coro is a sough-after Hispanic Motivational Speaker and media personality. Coro’s first book titled “El Salto” was published by Random House Vintage and offered Latinos a fresh perspective and practical guide for living in the digital age.
Coro pioneered on-air Tech commentary on the Major Spanish-Language TV networks in the U.S. He comments on technology, the coolest gadgets, inventions and innovation and has been a booster for STEM education. He reaches millions of households weekly through TV, Radio and Social Media. Thanks to his unrelenting drive, technology is no longer a barrier to a better life for millions of Latinos.

Engaging Workshops

Keynotes are a great way to communicate your objectives to your audience but Coro also enjoys the interaction and personal touch of workshops and breakouts sessions. Here are some topics which Coro can customize for your audience and deliver a breakout your attendees will remember for a long time after your event. If you don’t see the exact topic you are looking for in this list, don’t worry, we can customize the session to fit your needs.

Coro’s workshops usually run from 4 to 8 hours and are hands-on, interactive and a lot of fun. Coro’s exercises are collaborative, entertaining and a great way to make teams gel and create together. Participants are challenged to innovate and break out of their daily routines in order to immerse themselves into a unique, fast-paced and engaging experience. All of our workshops are customized to each company or organization and are aligned with the objectives for your event.


The Smart Home Revolution

Winning trends and technologies transforming the connected household.

Innovating like Steve Jobs

Fostering creativity and innovation in your organization

Automation Anxiety

Using real intelligence to defend your job from robotization

The classroom of the future

Reinventing education for the connected generation.

The internet of things

Transforming how we live, work and play.

Hacking the Digital Divide

What’s preventing Latinos and other minorities from thriving in the age of connectivity

Innovation Health

Technologies and trends revolutionizing Healthcare

Making it Rank

Search Engine Optimization for content publishers

The FinTech Revolution

How a group of startups are going where no bank has gone before

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does Coro travel from?

    Coro typically travels from Miami, Florida. His preferred airport is Miami International (MIA).

  • What are Coro’s AV requirements?

    Preferably a wireless lavalier microphone for a room that holds more than 50 people. For a smaller venue a microphone is not required.

    We recommend an additional handheld microphone to take questions from the audience.

    Coro has an Apple Macbook Pro latest model with USB-C ports and an adapter that can output HDMI and VGA as well.

  • What are his transportation and accommodation requirements?

    Hotel: Typically only one non-smoking hotel room is required for the night prior to the event.

    Transportation: Depending on the location of the event in relation to the airport, Coro can use a hotel shuttle, rent a vehicle or coordinate with a transportation service. The transportation can be arranged by the client or we can book it and expense it at the client's convenience.

  • What is Coro’s speaking fee?

    Speaking Fees are customized to each client and take into account a variety of factors such as the number of travel days, the scope of the engagement among others. Request more information today and our team will prepare a customized proposal for your organization or event in a timely manner.

  • How much notice do I need to book Coro as a Speaker?

    We are pretty flexible but our calendar is pretty packed that’s why the more notice, the better. If we can make something work with short notice, we can certainly try. Check Coro’s availability for your next event.

  • Can he create a customized speech?

    All of Coro's speeches are tailored specifically to your audience based on your objectives and requirements. That said, we can go even further and specifically develop a topic exclusively for your event. Contact our team with your topic preference and requirements and we'll create a proposal for you.

  • Does he work with a Speakers Bureau?

    We work with a variety of Speakers Bureaus and they do reach out to us frequently for a variety of events. That said, we are not represented exclusively by a Speakers Bureau at the moment.

  • Is Coro Bilingual?

    Yes, Coro speaks, writes and communicates fluently in English and Spanish.

  • Are Coro's presentations interactive?

    Coro is known for interacting with the audience at different levels depending on the event. The audience always plays a part in Coro’s Keynote Speeches but the workshops are highly interactive.

  • Do you have special pricing for Universities and Non-profit organizations

    The short answer is yes. Education and advocacy are some of Coro's main initiatives, that's why he does everything he can to promote STEM and education particularly for disadvantaged and multicultural audiences and organizations that work with them.