Keynote Speeches

Coro’s keynotes are dynamic, thought-provoking and filled with practical information that your conference or meeting attendees will find useful in their daily lives. Coro uses a combination of interesting case studies, captivating imagery and vivid examples that audiences remember long after his presentation. Coro successfully blends the coolest technologies with down-to-earth examples that combined with humor, a dynamic delivery and powerful storytelling, resonate with all types of audiences.

Coro’s Keynote Speeches will lift the audience’s spirits and give them that jolt of energy many events are eager to leverage.

Ariel Coro Hispanic Keynote Speaker
If you want to see your audience sit on the edge of their seats and put their smartphones down voluntarily, hire Coro for your next event. Just ask…

Coro rocks as a keynote speaker in conferences and corporate events in the US and around the world. His Keynotes and Workshops are dynamic and full of practical insights and takeaways.

Request a keynote speech or workshop from his most popular topics or contact our team if you need something tailored to your event’s theme.

Popular Keynotes

Hispanic Heritage Speech: Hispanic Inventors – Why diversity is the key to innovation

Play What would the modern world be without color television, artificial hearts or concrete buildings? Not an easy place to imagine. What do these modern advancements have in common? They were all the brain children of Hispanic inventors. Each and every one of them have amazing stories of overcoming adversity to ultimately triumph and bring…

Customer Service at the Speed of Social Media

Play The rules of engagement for Customer Service have changed. Social Media has transformed customer service as we know it. Reputations are created and destroyed in the blink of an eye as people have learned to make snap decisions based solely on online reviews. Customers have come to expect 24/7 customer service at any time,…

Hispanic Heritage Month Speaker Ariel Coro: Resourcefulness is in our roots

Play Ariel Coro, the most trusted tech expert for Hispanics and popular guest Hispanic Heritage Month Speaker announced today a special motivational speech in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month. His new speech, Resourcefulness is in our Roots, tells the story of how he grew up in Cuba during the “Período Especial” (Special Period) and how he…

Capitalizing on disruptive tech trends

Play Disruptive Tech Trends have the habit of changing complete industries in the blink of an eye. If businesses of any size and even complete industries are not carefully paying attention, their models can be transformed overnight leading to potential gains or disaster. With the new pace of innovation propelled by technological progress, industries are…

The Steve Jobs Dilemma: To innovate or to copy and Improve?

The success of every business is ultimately tied to their capacity to innovate and adapt to the times. You only have to sit and contemplate the amount of companies that have not been able to adapt, once marketplace leaders, seemingly invincible, such as BlackBerry, Kodak, Polaroid, Atari, Commodore, amongst others, that revolutionized their respective industries…

Flight to Freedom: Escaping High Tech Havana, a motivational speech

Play This is a riveting, motivational and humorous story of how Ariel, unbeknownst to the Cuban Government, devised one of the first illegal satellite dishes to bring forbidden television channels such as CNN and HBO from the outside world to his friends and neighbors when he was only fifteen years old. He built the dish…

Engaging Workshops

Keynotes are a great way to communicate your objectives to your audience but Coro also enjoys the interaction and personal touch of workshops and breakouts sessions. Here are some topics which Coro can customize for your audience and deliver a breakout your attendees will remember for a long time after your event. If you don’t see the exact topic you are looking for in this list, don’t worry, we can customize the session to fit your needs.

Coro’s workshops usually run from 4 to 8 hours and are hands-on, interactive and a lot of fun. Coro’s exercises are collaborative, entertaining and a great way to make teams gel and create together. Participants are challenged to innovate and break out of their daily routines in order to immerse themselves into a unique, fast-paced and engaging experience. All of our workshops are customized to each company or organization and are aligned with the objectives for your event.

The Smart Home Revolution

Winning trends and technologies transforming the connected household.

Innovating like Steve Jobs

Fostering creativity and innovation in your organization

Automation Anxiety

Using real intelligence to defend your job from robotization

The classroom of the future

Reinventing education for the connected generation.

The internet of things

Transforming how we live, work and play.

Hacking the Digital Divide

What’s preventing Latinos and other minorities from thriving in the age of connectivity

Innovation Health

Technologies and trends revolutionizing Healthcare

Making it Rank

Search Engine Optimization for content publishers

The FinTech Revolution

How a group of startups are going where no bank has gone before