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Here are some of the popular keynote speeches and workshop topics with our clients. Feel free to choose one as a starting point or contact our team and we’ll customize one to your requirements.

Tech Expert Ariel Coro - A close up of a microphone - Microphone

The Cultura Catalyst

An innovation culture is on every leader’s wish list. The ability of their teams to think differently and go against the grain in order to create inventions, products, and services that have the ability to revolutionize industries is a novel goal. Like a Michelin Star chef, turning common ingredients into something extraordinary requires the playfulness

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Latinx Heritage Speaker Coro

Resourcefulness is in our roots

Ariel Coro, the most trusted tech expert for Hispanics and popular guest Hispanic Heritage Month Speaker announced today a special motivational speech in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month. His new speech, Resourcefulness is in our Roots, tells the story of how he grew up in Cuba during the “Período Especial” (Special Period) and how he and

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Innovating with an accent: Why Diversity is the key to innovation

This is a speech about innovation, creativity and why people of diverse backgrounds and cultures can create the perfect mix for an explosion of creativity and innovation within your organization. You’ve heard an accent before, it immediately tells you somebody is not from where you’re from. But, what are accents anyways?  When you learn a

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Hispanic Inventors Keynote Speaker

Hispanic Inventors, a Hispanic Heritage Speech

Hispanic Inventors have contributed immensely to our society. What would the modern world be without color television, artificial hearts or concrete buildings? Not an easy place to imagine. What do these modern advancements have in common? They were all the brainchildren of Hispanic inventors. Each and every one of them has amazing stories of overcoming

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Customer Service at the Speed of Social Media - A screen shot of a video game remote control - Mobile app

Customer Service at the Speed of Social Media

The rules of engagement for Customer Service have changed. Social Media has transformed customer service as we know it. Reputations are created and destroyed in the blink of an eye as people have learned to make snap decisions based solely on online reviews. Customers have come to expect 24/7 customer service at any time, with

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A person sitting at a table using a laptop - Tablet computer

Capitalizing on disruptive tech trends

It seems as if the technology we’ve dreamed of is finally starting to arrive. Everywhere I look, there are stories about new gadgets and innovations that will change our lives from one perspective or another. However, while it may seem like a fleeting trend or fad, these technological developments are actually deeply rooted in the

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