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Swedish Start-up Rebtel Launches Disruptive Activist Program

Rebtel, a mobile communications company, has announced world's lowest calling rates to Cuba and a partnership with Latino Tech Expert Ariel Coro.

Swedish Start-up Rebtel Launches Disruptive Activist Program

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Announces world’s lowest calling rates to Cuba and partnership with Latino Tech Expert Ariel Coro

Rebtel, the undisputed price leaders for high quality international calling, announced a total company rebranding in March and are working with Latino Tech Expert Ariel Coro of Tu Tecnologia to share the latest company programs with the Latino community in Miami.Liberating international calling with the tap of a button, Rebtel offers calls from the US to Cuba at an industry leading 58,8 cents/minute without the need for an Internet connection. This announcement signals the beginning of the end of the decades-long exploitation of people who want to call their friends and family in Cuba, overpaying for something the rest of the world takes for granted. To make communication with Cuba more accessible Rebtel welcomes all new customers with an offer of 20 minutes for only $5.“At Rebtel, we are redefining the way we communicate via calling in the same way WhatsApp overtook text messaging. By taking back the phone lines from big telcos and putting it in the hands of the consumer, we are allowing them to connect with anyone they want in the world. Our wifi-free calling service provides the best possible call quality at the lowest price, and having already completed over 1 billion minutes in calls abroad yearly, we’re ready to break even more boundaries.” said Rebtel CEO Magnus Larsson.Rebtel launched a Miami based Activist program allowing people to earn money by selling Rebtel within their communities. Tech Expert Ariel Coro has been working with the company to test the App and help the company communicate the unique new program in the Miami market. “The Rebtel Activist program is a great opportunity to receive the tangible benefits of the share economy without any barriers to entry. The Activist only needs a smartphone, the Activist app and an entrepreneurial spirit to make money while helping others save money and have a better call experience to Cuba. I’m excited to work on this program.” said Ariel Coro.“Our mission is to turn the telecommunications business on its head and change the way people consume international calling. Rebtel Activist is the Uber of the telecom industry, it's how we will disrupt an offline market currently dominated by calling cards. Rebtel Activist is a free app that makes it possible for ordinary people to sell Rebtel within their communities and earn real money for their efforts. Our Activists make money on the go, work their own hours and help people stop getting ripped off...all in a day's work.” said Marketing Manager Varun Atrey.

Rebtel App Features:

  • Rebel Calling - Unlimited app to app calling for $1/month - free for 2016
  • No WiFi / Data - The Rebtel app lets you make international calls without an internet connection.
  • Travel mode - Call any phone in the world via Wifi when traveling abroad.

About Rebtel: Founded in 2006 by Hjalmar Winbladh and Jonas Lindroth, Rebtel is an innovative Swedish based mobile communications company that allows users to make unlimited and affordable international calls to any mobile device or landline via its app, without the assistance of WiFi. Led by the former heads of Tele2, Rebtel is turning the telco industry on its head with a global app that liberates international calling and removes the fees associated with calling abroad.Learn more at www.rebtel.com.

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