Latino Keynote Speaker on Technology and Innovation

Coro has been featured as a Keynote Speaker featured in national and international corporate and community-oriented events. His speeches and workshops share practical advice that audiences remember long after his presentation and are loaded with useful takeaways and spiced by Coro’s unique sense of humor. When it comes to communicating to an audience, some people have a gift, Ariel Coro is definitely one of them. If you want to see you audience sit in the edge of their seats during a keynote, workshop or a breakout, then you must consider Coro for your conference or event lineup.

Browse Coro’s most requested topics or contact our team if you are looking for a customized topic or have special requirements.

Latino Speaker
Steve W.

With his gift for making technology simple to understand, his wry humor – which has audiences erupting with laughter and applause – and his personal stories, Ariel captivates the audience.

Steve Wright, California Statewide Director- Workforce & Economic Development- ICT & Digital Media

Frequently Requested Keynotes


Keynotes are a great way to communicate your objectives to your audience but Coro also enjoys the interaction and personal touch of workshops and breakouts sessions. Here are some topics which Coro can customize for your audience and deliver a breakout your attendees will remember for a long time after your event. If you don’t see the exact topic you are looking for in this list, don’t worry, we can customize the session to fit your needs.

  • The Digital Revolution: How technology is impacting our everyday lives and how to take advantage of it.
  • The future of tech progress. What to expect in the next 5, 10 and even 20 years.
  • Conquering the Digital Divide with open technologies.
  • It’s all about the apps: How to be more effective and productive in the new App Revolution.
  • Leveraging technology for your small business or start-up.
  • Innovate like Steve Jobs. Fostering creativity and innovation in your organization.
  • Fostering the entrepreneurial mindset in your organization.
  • You have social media… now what?
  • Empowering educators with accessible technologies for any classroom.